Friendsgiving Struggles

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  Everyone loves the eating and drinking associated with any holiday, so a holiday entirely focused on those things has to rank pretty high.

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times for travel in the US, driving up plane ticket prices.  Skyrocketing ticket prices and busy work schedules can make it difficult for some people to make the trip home, forcing many people to celebrate Friendsgiving.  Friendsgiving, has the same focus as the more traditional Thanksgiving; food, drinks, and fun with people you care about.  However, Friendsgiving tends to have more of an emphasis around drinking.

One of my most memorable Friendsgivings was heavily focused on the drinking portion of the holiday.  Everyone offered to bring a food dish, and several of there favorite beverage options.  Friends began to funnel in to my friend Jon’s house, the gracious host.  We soon realized that the most important dish to any respectable holiday had been forgotten, gravy!


Realizing the enormous oversight, Jon rushes to the nearest convenience store.  Being the good commuter that he is, Jon grabs his trusted fixie to remedy the issue, and grab some frosty brews to ensure that we didn’t run low on fermented beverages.  The store was only a quick 10 minute bike ride away, so we expected a seasoned commuter would be be back within 30 minutes.


30 minutes went by, and Jon was still yet to arrive.


45 minutes went by, and we were getting concerned.  We gave Jon a call, only to realize he had left his phone.


1 hour passed, and finally Jon rolls up, with a look of defeat.


Jon briskly enters the house, with a few damaged gravy packets, and half empty case of beer.


“What happened?” Everyone asked.


With a defeated look, a handful of beer, and a few roughed up gravy packets, Jon wanders into the kitchen to whip up the final piece of our Friendsgiving meal.

Moral of the story friends, don’t forget your Cold Shoulder!


Stay Frosty!